I've decided to dabble in a new Framework called Luxe.  Haxeflixel is great and I like using it, but my goal is to get away from Flash and do more of what WebGL offers me.  I find myself wanting to get away from the default ways that HaxeFlixel wnts me to do things.  I can work around them, but I like the flexibility that Luxe offers me.

Or promises to offer me.

See, the problem is that Luxe is Alpha.  Like, very Alpha at the moment.  So there is a really steep learning curve and virtually no documentation.  The community is small and friendly, but this will be quite a challenge.

I'm currently running Luxe 1.0.0 - alpha 1 although I think Alpha 2 was just released, so I should probably go grab that.

The setup was actually pretty easy.  The instructions are fine and worked without any problems.  I'm going to document my progress here, mostly so I can come back and look at it later when I don't remember something...


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