In release the monster you are tasked with finding out which of the minions ruined Dr Destructo's plan.  In a shocking twist, all of them did.

General tips:

  • There are two main puzzles in the game that you need to complete to get every minion.  You need to figure out which minion sleeps in which bed, and which minion has which job.  
  • Read all the minion's minds.  You get clues for the puzzles that way.  It records the clues automatically so you don't have to write them down yourself.
  • Talk to every minion and take each option.  
  • If you really don't want to do the puzzles, there is an option to skip them in game.  
  • If you kill a minion but you still need to talk to him, you can use the summon circle to bring back his spirit to talk.

Beds/Jobs solution

1 - Leo - Laundry

2 - Gregory - Cleaning

3 - Vinny - Cook

4 - Chadwick - Coffee

5 - Frank - Lookout


Individual character walkthrougs:

Leo - Leo was drunk during the operation.

  • Solve the bed puzzle
  • Check the chest at the foot of the first bed.  You find the empty beer bottles.  If you've solved the bed puzzle you know who the bed belongs to and you find Leo guilty.
  • Destroy Leo

Frank - Frank stayed up way too late making a Ludum Dare game and slept through the operation

  • Talk to Frank.  Ask him about the operation.  He seems unsure where he was.  
  • Talk to all the other minions and ask them if they saw Frank.  They will all say no.  Afterwards, you will declare Frank guilty.
  • Destroy Frank

Gregory - Gregory forgot to load bullets in his gun

  • Go to the Kitchen
  • Check the bullets on the table
  • Ask Gregory if his gun is loaded.  When he says no, you find him guilty.
  • Destroy Gregory

Chadwick - Chadwick makes the coffee, but used decaf instead of regular, so everyone was all sleepy.

  • Solve the jobs puzzle
  • Check the coffee maker in the kitchen.  You will discover decaf.  If you've solved the job puzzle you will declare Chadwick guilty.
  • Destroy Chadwick.

Vinny - Vinny was the cook and used bad eggs in last night's meatloaf

  • Solve the jobs puzzle
  • Check the calendar in the kitchen.  Last night's dinner was meatloaf
  • Check the recipe drawer in the kitchen,  Learn the ingredients for meatloaf.  
  • Check the ingredients cabinet.  Type egg or egs in the box.  You will discvoer the bad eggs.  You declare Vinny guilty.
  • Destroy Vinny.


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