This is my first attempt at a neural network that uses a genetic algorithm to learn to recognize numbers.  Try it out!
First, you need to Create Test Cases (top button).  It will ask you to write the numbers 0 through 9 in the white box.  The more times you create test cases the better your network will be at recognizing numbers.  
After you've created a couple sets (my best neural network had over 200 test cases and could recognize my handwriting over 90% of the time) you can look at them with the View Test Cases button.  Click on a case to delete it if you messed something up.
Third, you need to Run the Genetic Algorithm to train your network.  Click on the number of generations you want to produce and watch as your network (hopefully) gets a higher and higher percentage of test cases successfully identified.  Be sure to press Finished when you are done!
Last, Test your Neural Network.  Draw a number in the box and check it against your network.  It will also show you the ratings for the other numbers also. 
View Neural Network is a quick way to examine the weights of the neurons in the network.